Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms Protect Nourish and Taste So Good

You need to wear a lip balm every day of the year. Think of it like sunscreen for the lips, because it’s essential to healthy, moist, younger-looking lips. Everyone’s lips at every age need that wonderful balm shield to provide protection from the harmful sun’s UVA/UVB rays.

Every lip balm brand is different, so before purchasing, look for balms that do more than just smell yummy.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth lip balms stand out among the rest, not only for their unique organic compositions but for their convenient ball-shaped sphere, sun protection base and delicious, long lasting flavors.

Dermatologists advise always wearing a lip balm, especially if you’re playing in the sun, because lips can burn and even develop skin cancer. Lips lack necessary oil glands, so they need extra moisturization to keep them soft, kissable and healthy. Smoothing and hydrating ingredients are key, like EOS’ shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E formulas. EOS lip balm feel like butter gliding across your lips and contain the right amount of anti-oxidants to keep lips looking youthful.

Evolution of Smooth are a must-have lip balm for the beach and any outdoor place you want to visit. They’re super convenient to tote with you, and you can re-apply as often as you wish. With amazing flavors like Coconut Milk, Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Mint and Lemon Drop, you’ll fall in love with more than one. They are so incredibly yummy and smell divine; plus they are all natural, gluten free and reasonably priced.

Loyal fans love Evolution of Smooth lip balms for many reasons and have shared their reviews on shopping sites like ULTA.com. Customers have given EOS lip balms 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which is a nearly perfect rating.

Evolution of Smooth is a great beauty buy. For more info, visit the EOS website at evolutionofsmooth.com and Facebook page.

Read the EOS history: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick

Thor Halvorssen: An Active Human Rights Activist:

Since its creation in 2004, the Human Rights Foundation, headed by Thor Halvorssen, has not only championed the cause of individual liberty in some of the world’s most oppressive country with words, but also by their deeds. One of Thor Halvorssen’s and HRF’s primary targets is North Korea, whose people have suffered under the totalitarian rule of the Kim family for decades. The government maintains tight control over the information its citizens are allowed to access. Even watching TV shows from South Korea can be punishable by jail time.

In 2014, Halvorssen and some of his allies launched balloons with DVDs and flash drives into North Korea to give its citizens an idea of life outside the so-called “Hermit Kingdom.” North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jung Un, was so enraged it was reported he ordered agents to assassinate Halvorssen during another visit to South Korea. No actual attempt was made on his life, but he was assaulted during a trip to Vietnam. Halvorssen conducted a secret interview with Thich Quang Do, who’s church is outlawed by the government. Vietnamese authorities detained Halvorssen and beat him, but Halvorssen managed to talk his way to freedom . . . and still get the interview out of the country.

Halvorssen’s HRF has also called for the release of Thai activist Jatupat Boonpattararaksa for sharing an article on Facebook critical of the country’s new king. Halvorssen criticized South Korea’s government for what he calls its silence on North Korea’s continued human rights abuses. HRF has also launched campaigns to benefit political prisoners in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, and Bolivia.

Not only does Halvorssen champion human rights, he also has an interest in film. He served as a producer for the movies “Freedom’s Fury,” about the 1956 Hungarian revolution, and “Hammer and Tickle,” a satire about the former Soviet Union. Halvorssen currently is working on a film version of Robert A. Heinlein’s novel “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”

Makari de Suisse Delivers the Results Multicultural Women are Seeking

Makari de Suisse is one of the top skin care lines in the world for ethnic women. Their highly rated luxury skin care products were specifically formulated to restore and heal skin care issues for women of color. Each skin lightening cream product contains healing, botanical ingredients. These natural ingredients have lightening properties that helps to remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Acne scars, melasma, and other skin discolorations are a common skin concern for multicultural women. Unfortunately many brands use harmful ingredients that only worsen these conditions or cause adverse side effects that require even more skin care solutions. Makari de Suisse is an all in one system that will not only fade discolorations, but the products will also make your skin look more healthy and youthful than ever before. Their top rated Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum integrates mulberry root and grape extract to deliver incredible results to your skin. This lightweight serum is incomparable in how it manages to restore and rejuvenate the skin. For more info, visit makari.com.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel opens new frontiers of medical treatment

New Jersey dentist Avi Weisfogel has been a major innovator since he first opened his dental practice. After graduating from the New York University School of Dentistry in 1999, he immediately opened his own practice, Old Bridge Dental.

Always a curious mind and voracious reader, Dr. Weisfogel compulsively researched many medical ailments that, being a dentist, he may be able to detect in their earliest stages. He knew that the treatments for many types of potentially lethal cancers, such as malignant melanoma, were orders of magnitude more effective in the earliest disease stages than when they had progressed to more advanced states. He knew the dismal statistics on the frequency with which U.S. patients saw their general practitioners for checkups. He reasoned that, since so many people who see their dentists on a regular basis may not see their physicians for years, dentists were in a unique position to diagnose many of the worst diseases at a stage when they were almost always curable.

After considerable personal research, Dr. Weisfogel was made aware of the potentially deadly condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disease that causes the interruption of normal breathing during certain phases of deep sleep. This often results in the patient waking up frequently, sometimes as many as 100 or more times per night. This results in poor sleep and constant tiredness throughout the day.

But what is far worse than this is the gradual deleterious effects of oxygen deprivation during sleep. Dr. Weisfogel learned that sleep apnea is strongly correlated with everything from heart attacks, strokes and diabetes to fatal auto accidents. What’s even worse, over 95% of patients who suffer from sleep apnea in the United States don’t even know that they have the condition.

Dr. Weisfogel knew that the root causes of many sleep apnea cases are structural abnormalities of the head and neck area, in particular, the mouth and throat. He set out to create a new treatment modality for sleep apnea that would allow dentists to recognize the signs, symptoms and risk factors for the deadly disease.

The result is Dental Sleep Master. Today, Dr. Weisfogel trains dentists in the art of fighting this deadly disease.



Transform Your Finances From Proven Strategies Offered From A Distance Learning Course

Many financial experts have encouraged individuals to get the Wealth Wave course created by successful financial analyst, Jim Hunt. His remarkable course is responsible for the success of several Fortune 500 companies. Hunt says, it is a matter of being smart about your financial decisions. He understands that starting your own business will generate cash flow that will give you options to build your wealth. Your naysayer’s are known for saying, you don’t have enough money r talent, but Jim Hunt VTA Publications says, you have to surround yourself with positive people in order to be successful. Positive people can give you reliable ways to jump start your ideas.

Jim Hunt is also responsible for creating the VTA Publications distance learning course. This course comes with tuition assistance for the clients that need it. You have 24/7, assistance with reliable CD’s and tutorials on Ideamensch. You can also speak to a friendly and knowledgeable representative when you need it. You never have to worry about being on your own when you are learning at your own pace because assistance is readily available. You can learn the secrets to biblical wealth that will give you hundred fold of your investment or you can learn how to trade from an usual downward spiraling stock market on Huffington Post.

Jim Hunt is adamant about his latest venture that includes making is mum a tax free millionaire. When asked by PR Newswire he says, he plans to do so, in under ten trades. Those that are interested in learning more can visit his YouTube channel for complete details. His YouTube channel is popular because of his complete transparency with his clients. They never have to worry about Hunt holding back secrets that can transform their wealth. You can buy a new home, car, boat, or save more money than ever before.

Hunt makes his course easily accessible online and his gives his clients the opportunity to learn while you earn. Jim Hunt values his clients and created the VTA Publications course that has a proven financial outlet for whatever your circumstances are. Visit the official VTA website for more details today and gain real wealth. Reference: http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/about-us/

Legal End Sought To Insurance Claim By Bruce Levenson

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise should have brought to an end the ownership of the historic team by Bruce Levenson and his business partners who believed an agreement had been reached with the insurance giant AIG that should have been concluded many months ago. The purchase of the Hawks for around $730 million in June 2015 came after months of negotiations over the mutual termination of the contract of General Manager Danny Ferry, who Levenson’s team feel triggered constructive dismissal clauses in a workplace based policy held with AIG.

The legal case will be brought in a Fulton County court by the legal team representing Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment Group where the group hopes to bring to a close its career as the owners of the franchise; Levenson himself was the face of the franchise and appears to be heading the legal case that will test workplace torts and the clauses of the insurance policy. Comments and actions made by Danny Ferry have been seen as constructive dismissal and Levenson’s legal team believe there is little for AIG to fight as the claim was agreed upon prior to the sale of the franchise. See, http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks.

Bruce Levenson has been one of the leaders of many different philanthropic programs that take place around the world; since leaving the Hawks in June 2015 the University of Washington graduate has headed an anti bigotry ball for the Kennedy Arts Center to raise funds. The belief Bruce Levenson has for bringing fairness to the world has even prompted he and more than 100 prominent members of the Jewish faith to openly call on the Israeli government to open communication channels to help bring peace to the Middle East.

For more details, visit Bruce Levenson’s Wikipedia page and personal website, brucelevenson.com.

Fabletics Takes Amazon By Storm

Since the establishment of Fabletics, the firm has displayed a remarkable performance in the fashion e-commerce industry. They have adopted a unique approach to fashion e-commerce which has set them apart from their competitors. Fabletics has thrived under the smothering conditions with Amazon controlling over 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce sector. This company was founded by JustFab Co-CEOs and the renowned actor and fashion icon Kate Hudson. Fabletics has been able to grow a business of over $250 million dollars’ worth in a short span of three years under very challenging conditions. They have adopted a subscription mechanism in selling their active wear clothes to clients across the globe. Fabletics is a brand that is remarkably inspirational and is complemented by the convenience and excellence of their customer relationships.


One of the major contributors to the unmatched success of Fabletics is their ability to utilize reverse showrooming. Reverse showrooming is a factor that has significantly suffocated a lot of fashion e-commerce companies, but not Fabletics. Their subscription membership service is remarkably convenient and integrated to the clients’ shopping. Fabletics has used reverse showrooming to get rid of the difference between online and physical shopping. Consumers who purchase their clothes in brick and mortar outlets have their transactions reflected in their online shopping cart. Due to this strategy, about 25% of Fabletics clients have joined membership at a physical store, while 30-50 percent of customers in the stores are already members through online subscription.


Fabletics has used strategies that have likened them to companies like Warby Parker and Apple. This is an approach that has proved essential for the fashion e-commerce service providers. Fabletics aims to open about 100 more brick and mortar outlets in the next 3-5 years. This will be an addition to the existing 16 stores located in prime locations such as Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, and California. One of the factors behind the success of Fabletics is the fact that they have built a brand which is modern, innovative and high-value right from day one.


Fabletics has been able to ride on the turbulent waves in the fashion e-commerce sector to their current leading position in the industry. They have turned reverse showrooming into their advantage making sure that there is no difference between shopping done online or at a brick and mortar outlet. They have successfully integrated their subscription service, helping them to utilize reverse showrooming as marketing strategy instead of it being a limitation.


Fabletics was founded in 2013; this was after Kate Hudson and her partners realized a gap in the athletic wear sector. The company was looking to offer unmatched quality and stylish clothing at an accessible price point. Just a year after their establishment, Fabletics expanded its services to Europe, providing services to clients in the UK, France, and Germany. That same year they made their way into the Canadian market. By 2015, Fabletics was shipping orders worth over 1 million. Later they expanded their services to Australia and Spain. Later in 2015 Fabletics launched their FL2 men’s line and expanded to Netherlands.

George Soros – the principled profiteer

Many successful business people, especially speculators, are derided as amoral seekers of profit. They’re denounced as rapacious rent-seekers whose motto is “accumulate wealth, forgetting all but self.” For strong critics of capitalism’s excesses, it becomes hard to grapple then with stereotype-shattering figures like George Soros who, rather than viewing wealth accumulation as a way to achieve their own vain goals, instead view it as the best way for the high-minded to implement their philosophies in the real world.

From academia to Wall St.
Unlike most who fill the ranks of high finance, George Soros never had any particular ambitions of lucre. In fact, he had originally sought to become a social philosopher instead. He was quite elated when, at age 17, he was accepted to the London School of Economics and began studying under the renowned master Karl Popper. Soros was deeply swayed by Popper’s ideas on open societies. In his book, Open Society and Its Enemies, Popper lays out the vision for which he argues all societies should strive in order to maximize freedom and well-being for all. These ideas arguably formed the intellectual foundation that would guide Soros, not just through his academic career, but through his financial one as well.

Exigencies of survival
Upon graduation, Soros did not have any immediate job offers. He worked for a few years as an itinerant salesman to make ends meet. He did not enjoy that line of work and around the age of 25 resolved to go work on Wall St. Even holding a prestigious degree, George Soros was serially rebuffed by the hyper-competitive hiring climate.

Read more: Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

Finally George Soros landed his first job as a financial analyst at the little-known firm Singer and Friedman. Over the next 15 years, he would work for a string of Wall St. trading firms with an uneven output. Even as he eventually made his way to vice president at a major investment house, he was described as being far more interested in expounding on his philosophical treatises than tending to his job. Throughout this time, he continued to work on his theories of reflexivity, heavily derived from the work of his teacher Karl Popper.

Eventually he branched off to form his own investment fund, Soros Fund Management. By all accounts, including his own, he did not do this to make money. On the contrary, his primary goal was to test the now multiple theories of markets he had elaborated over 15 years of his own philosophical studies. The almost singular strangeness of this driving impulse almost cannot be overstated: At no point in his financial career was George Soros ever to any significant extent motivated by outsize personal gain. This is a crucial point to understand for anyone who wonders why one of the most successful speculators in history has spent the vast majority of his latter years exclusively on philanthropic activities.

Today George Soros runs his Open Societies Foundations. These are charged with finding practical means to implement the theories laid out by Karl Popper and later expanded and refined by his most notable protégé. To understand George Soros one must know that he isn’t so much a fantastically rich businessman as he is a fantastically rich philosopher.

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The Emergence of EOS

In just seven years, EOS has been able to insert themselves as a major player in the lip balm industry. How they were able to do so is an interesting story and a lesson for new startup companies as well as existing companies in any industry. The full story of EOS’ emergence is detailed out in a story in Fast Company.

The lip balm market was long neglected by those companies that dominated it, namely Pfizer w its Chapstick brand, Blistex and Carmax. While their lip balms sold well, customers were not excited about their products and did not have any real allegiance to their brands, which is unusual for an industry that has been in existence for such a long period of time. Lip balms had not been innovated on for years and many of the brands had not changed their formula for lip balm for almost a century. Instead, the major lip balm brands would differentiate themselves by their product prices and would increase or lower prices to capture additional sales.

EOS lip balm entered into the market and interviewed potential customers and highlighted women as a market component that they wanted to appeal to. These women shoppers were not enthralled with many aspects of the lip balms that they bought including their medicinal flavors, unnatural product ingredients, and their bland flavors. As such, EOS re-engineered their own brand of lip balm using custom equipment and developed a lip balm that had exciting flavors, a unique applicator orb, and which used higher quality ingredients that worked better than their competitors. To cover their higher costs they charged a premium price, but customers were pleased with a more exciting lip balm like EOS and bought it in droves. See, http://intl.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-summer-fruit/-/A-13352556.

EOS’ emergence is one of listening to customers and developing a product for their needs. Existing players in markets should take heed of new competitors to their industry. EOS lip balms quickly grew in popularity and online retailers like Ulta and Lucky Vitamin began selling them.


The Bettering of David Osio’s Davos REG through Applications.

The Davos Financial Group is a firm that has been acknowledged for offering top notch financial services in Venezuela and the Latin America. Its chief executive officer and founder is David Osio. He is a successful entrepreneur and investment advisor who has been working towards ensuring that his businesses maneuver in both the local and the global marketplace. The Davos Financial Group is a highly profitable enterprise, and it runs branches in chief financial cities such as Panama, Geneva, Lisbon, and New York. David has been devoted to offering products and services that create opportunities for business people to capitalize and also meet the market demands. The management strategies that he has set in the company are professional, and they have helped it to deliver excellent service by hiring highly trained personnel. The solutions that the Davos Financial Group has specialized in offering are banking, development of portfolios, corporate arrangement, and asset control.


The Davos Financial Group is the founder of various successful companies including the Davos Real Estate Group, which is a self-governing enterprise. The firm’s real estate solutions have been trusted in the Latin America region for over two decades. It has been creating investment plans that can solve the exact needs of the clients. Davos REG has also hired competent professionals that are dedicated to ensuring that it accomplishes its objectives.


David Osio and two directors of his company, Gerard González and Pablo Bausili, recently informed the public on the lease plans of a new application that will be simplifying work for its clients. The mobile phone software is known as the Davos Cap Calculator, and its purpose is to assist clients in making profit-related predictions as they invest in the real estate business. Mr. Gonzalez was the supervisor of the program’s development, and he ensured that the final product could offer the best service to the customers. Investors who will be using the calculator will be able to determine the profits that they can get from real estate sector and also deduct expenses that are incurred on a property.


The Davos REG’s mobile phone application can be downloaded to devices that use either the iOS and Android operating systems. David Osio believes that developing the application enhances the company’s services since it offers guidance to the client. The enterprise plans to release other supplementary software after the launch of the Davos Cap Calculator. These programs will include a Mortgage Calculator.

Learn more: https://www.xing.com/profile/David_Osio