Dick DeVos Has Been Like A Caring Shepard To The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos loves his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he has been a part of many different efforts to improve his city. As the son of the founder of Amway, and the former CEO of the company, he has leveraged, both, his knowledge and income to make important changes to Grand Rapids. Close to three decades ago there was a plan that was gaining steam to build a sports and convention arena in the city that would be used for multiple purposes. While many others began to support the idea, he knew better.


The sports and convention arena was going to be built just north of the downtown area of Grand Rapids, and this alerted him to what he needed to do. Instead of just voicing his opinion about the negative aspects of building such an arena, he got on the phone ans started making phone calls. During his lobbying effort, he managed to help with the formation of Grand Action, which is a group comprised of business leaders in Michigan that have worked to make the city of Grand Rapids a better place. Over time, they have done so by being a large part of the construction of buildings like the DeVos Performance Hall Michigan State University’s medical school, and many others.


The reason Dick DeVos was so adamantly opposed to the idea of the sports and convention arena was because he had witnessed something similar in Detroit way back in the 1970s. What took place then was the building of the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills, and its construction ended up being a huge mistake when the Detroit Pistons and Lions decided to leave the city. Dick DeVos could have just waited and let the city make its own mistakes, but like a good businessman and caretaker of Grand Rapids, he decided to get involved before a lot of time and money was wasted.


This wasn’t Dick DeVos’s first rodeo, because he was also the key person who was responsible for bringing Southwest Airlines into the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Instead of just wooing Southwest to Grand Rapids, he ensured that the airline company would offer non-stop flights of the city. Dick DeVos is also the co-founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is nonprofit charter school. The school started out with 80 students but is now bursting at the seams with 600 students who are interested in the aviation industry.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

Gareth Henry The Rising Business Star

Gareth Henry is a graduate at the University of Edinburgh which is in Scotland. In the University he attained a degree in Actuarial mathematics and statistics. In 2000 after graduating Gareth Henry worked at Watson Wyatt in management for a few years before joining Schroders a money management firm based in the U.k. In Schroders he was a product manager in the multiasset class group.

In 2007 he joined Fortress investment Group a company based in the U.S. Where he would help the company with its marketing efforts. He became the Managing Director at Fortress in charge of raising capital in the European, African and Middle Eastern Markets. While at Fortress investment Group he was recognized as a rising star as an institutional investor. Rising stars refer to professionals whose contribution and accomplishments in the industry has made them stand out among their peers and position them as future leaders in the industry.

Fortress Investment is a leading global investment firm which has an estimated $43.1 Billion in assets under management. It was founded in 1998 and offers traditional and alternative investment products. Gareth’s Henry hard work and relationship building has made him create great ties to pension funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds.

Gareth Henry is currently the Managing Director and global head of investor relations at Angela Gordon & Co. His role will involve marketing, developing new products and distribution channels in the whole world and expanding the firm’s client relationship especially overseas .He will also be a partner in the organization.

Gareth Henry will report to the president of Angelo Gordon Lawrence Schloss. Angelo Gordon & co. is a New York based company which has an estimated $26 billion in assets. The position he currently holds was held by Garett walls who is now focusing on west coast Investor relations.

Yanni Hufnagel- Inspiring Assistant Basketball Coach

In New York City back in August of 1982, Yanni Hufnagel was born. From there, he grew up into an inspiring man who has helped many youths as well as some NCAA Men’s Basketball players. Continue reading for the rest of his story.




Yanni earned a BS degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell in 2006. He was also the student manager with the Big Red while at Cornell. The summer before heading to Oklahoma, he did his internship with the New Jersey Nets. He was also able to be the special assistant to the head coach Lawrence Frank. From there he went on to earn his Master’s of Education from the University of Oklahoma in 2010. His main emphasis here was Intercollegiate Athletic Administration.


Coaching Background


While attending school at the University of Oklahoma, Yanni was also the graduate assistant coach from 2007 till 2009. Upon graduating, he took the position of graduating assistant at Harvard where he spent four seasons. With his job title, he was able to organize the recruiting database, help with individual workouts for the players, and assist the coach during practice. He was there from 2010 till 2013.


From there he went on to have a huge impact at Vanderbilt for a year till 2014. His job title was the recruiting coordinator while with Crimson. While being here, he became involved with a Mentor Match Program as well as a Partners for Youth with Disabilities.


Headed to the west coast from there, Yanni took an assistant coaching position with the California Golden Bears from 2014 till 2016. Moving inward one state, he took another assistant coaching position at Nevada which he spent one season from 2016 till 2017.


Yanni Hufnagel spent many years helping the many young men become the best basketball players that they could be while also inspiring many.



Anil Chaturvedi: A Leader in the Finance Industry

If you have any financial and investment question, Anil Chaturvedi is the man to see. With years of experience in the financial and investment sector, he has advised many on how to handle their financials as well as how to make investments with good returns. Why can we trust Anil Chaturvedi to give the best advice in this sector?

The two things which give Chaturvedi credibility stems from his educational background and his years of experience and expertise. He graduated with a B.A. in Economics in the year 1971 and in 1973 pursued an M.B.A from Delhi University. Chaturvedi has been in the banking and investment industry for decades. He started his career in the State Bank of India and moved to international firms such as Merrill Lynch. With his world-class experience, he can understand not only the local markets but also valuable insights from the global markets.


Chaturvedi commenced his career at the State Bank of India where he worked as a manager of the Development and planning department. His primary focus as a manager of this department was marketing and he was named ‘Man of Year’ by the bank for his work and contributions. He then moved to the ANZ Grindlays Bank whereby he held the position of Vice President. He became the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch whereby he participated in developing investment plans and other private banking solutions. In 2011, Chaturvedi joined Hinduja Bank as a Managing Director, a position he still holds. In this role, he oversees mergers and acquisitions in different continents.


Chaturvedi is a banking expert, with experience in international banks thus have an understanding and unique insight on how the banking sector works. His experience over the years has given him the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies providing viable solutions to many clients. In the various professional undertakings and projects he has undertaken, he gained a world-class reputation in the industry. With this experience and expertise, he is a leader in investment and banking, with his insights highly respected by his colleagues in the industry.



Freedom Checks are Another Name for Master Limited Policies

Matt Badiali is a successful investor because of his hands-on investigations into natural resource companies. A genuine geologist Badiali received his Masters from Florida Atlantic University. He travels around the globe personally inspecting the drilling and mining operations of top level businesses. He interviews staff and CEO’s and gains valuable knowledge directly from the source. He then shares that knowledge through two newsletters he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, Real Wealth Strategist, and Front Line Profits. He is also the man behind Freedom Checks.

Odds are buy now you have seen a Freedom Checks ad, and have probably dismissed it as nothing more than a scam. The truth is freedom checks are actually legitimate investments from a genuine investment source. They have the possibility of producing major profits, but only through the real process of traditional investing.

Freedom Checks spawn from a tax incentive available to certain companies that deal exclusively in the transportation of natural resources. The break allows these companies to operate as if they were tax free entities but only if they follow on rule. They have to dispense 90% of their profits to stakeholders before taxes are taken out. This is great for the company but requires them to have stakeholders. This is where investors come in. The stakes can be purchased cheaply, and represent nothing more than an investment in a natural resource company. By holding the stake, the investor becomes eligible for the monthly to quarterly payouts said company makes to satisfy the tax break.

This is where the big check Badiali holds up comes from. A private check from a natural resource company. The stakes are called MLPs, Master Limited Policies. Investors can purchase as many as they want, the more stakes held the more profit paid out. They bear no controlling interest in the company, and some are even as cheap as $10 dollars. Like any investment they are only worth something if the company does good. But with Badilai’s backing such companies are most likely the best around.

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Ann Scango: A New Age Artist

Art has no limit, and artists can use any medium that they wanted. Ann Scango is one of those artists who is using various media to create an artwork. She is from Austin, Texas, and she is a celebrated artist who has a specialization in creating sculptures and collages. She is also credited for innovating several molding techniques, transforming it to her advantage. Most of the time, Ann Scango is using a medium that was produced by the industry, and she is trying to minimize the number of pollutants and trash in the environment that is why she decided to change her media in creating art. Back at her gallery in Austin, she recently opened up a new collection to be viewed by visitors, called the Scango Collection. It is a gallery that promotes artworks created by female artists. It also celebrates the artistic capability of women, and why they are important in the field of art.

From 2010 to 2015, Ann Scango was an active participant at the Firestar Austin Fellowship. Joining the event managed to give her additional knowledge to be a better artist. The idea to open up the Scango Collection is to promote the rights of women living in Texas. She is happy with the increasing number of visitors checking out her artwork, and she has also been featured in several magazines because of her talent in making artwork. Her artworks are known around the city, as she is the only one which uses complex 3D models as a basis for her artwork.Image result for contemporary art

Aside from displaying her artwork to the public, she is also asking them to be responsible for taking care of the environment. In her artworks, she has been using junks and transforming it into masterpieces. Ann Scango wanted to encourage the public to stop using plastics and other related products because it would destroy the environment. One of the most recent posts of Ann Scango from her social media accounts features different colored straws that would be recycled by her. She wanted to minimize the dumping of garbage and wanted the people to learn how they could recycle at home and turn it into artworks.


Infinity Group Austraila Helping Families Finances

Graeme Holm is a finance expert who has been working for seventeen years in the financial service business. He is accredited to work in real estate, finance and financial planning. He spent nearly an entire decade working for mass banking corporations. But it was during this time he became bored with marketing branded services and products created by these companies. He wanted to do something more for people. Thus, he left working for corporate banking institutions to create Infinity Group Australia. His goal for his company was to help families that are often times cheated out of a good deal from larger banking companies.


Other institutions just do not compare to what Graeme Holm and his wife Rebekah have created. These other companies brag about how they want to help families and offer good deals. They talk about how they want to guide small businesses. They even speak on how they will eliminate your debt. Infinity Group Australia has one purpose and mission in mind. The company serves its diverse customer base with the strategies needed to develop wealth and decrease debt for good. They work to secure their customer’s future. Their strategies and services are unique to every customer they work with. They are known for being able to pay off loans in a significant amount of time.


This company helps people to increase their wealth. An increase in wealth does lead to more financial security. They have an array of methods that aid in developing strategic investment opportunities. Once they are able to increase a customer’s wealth, they help them to manage and save their new found streams of income.


Retirement saving is important. This institution guides customers for the future. They make sure customers have prepared themselves to handle what the future will throw out them. The experts at this company create a step by step process of how a person can make sure their family in secure by outlining the necessary steps to take to prepare for retirement.


Infinity Group Australia does a fine job of merely just looking over the financials of a company or person’s income. They can look over and discuss the financials of any of their clients. This has garnered them a well liked reputation amongst the financial services industry.

Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/contact-us/

For Those With A Depressed Loved One or a Depressed Friend, Neurocore Has Suggestions

One thing that can be hard for an individual is having a loved one or a friend that is depressed. When one is dealing with someone who seems to have very low energy and other signs of depression, then it is important to know what needs to be done. Often times, people who have a depressed friend or loved one tend to be rather hard on the person or somehow making the issue worse. This is because of a lack of understanding. Fortunately, there are ways that one can actually be there for the support of an individual that is depressed. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

One of the first things for the individual to do is to confirm that the person he cares about is struggling with depression. Afterwards, he can look up information about the condition so that he can find ways to support the loved one. One good source of information is Neurocore. They have studied in depth about depression and has published a lot of information about the illness. The insights presented on the Neurocore websites are going to give better ideas on what can be done for the individual that is struggling right now. One thing that can help is listening to the person whenever he is able to talk.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NeurocoreLivonia/

One of the best things that an individual can do is find some way to let the depressed person know that he is cared about. While it is good to tell the person with words, actions can go a long way for the individual as well. Then of course, there are also options for treatment from Neurocore. When people go to Neurocore, they are put through a process that is very effective in treating depression. With every session, people are going to notice that their depression seems a little smaller. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

How Freedom Checks Can Change Your Life

Freedom checks have become a very popular term thrown around. Some know what they are and some do not. Some question their legitimacy and some are ready to jump right in. Regardless, freedom checks can be great forms of investments to those invest wisely with one of the companies issuing out these checks. Read this article at Money Morning.

There are misconceptions that come along with freedom checks. There are a lot of rumors on the internet that need clearing up. First off, some have spoken that these checks are being given out by the United States government. That is completely false. The government does a play a role in connection to these checks. The government overseas and regulates the companies sending these checks out to stakeholders. The type of companies that issue out freedom checks are master limited partnerships. These partnerships were created by the government back when President Nixon was in office. These master limited partnerships are companies that operate in creating oil and gas for America. There is about five hundred of these domestic companies. When stakeholders by shares in the company, they are sent their dividends either monthly or quarterly through the form of one of these checks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

That brings us to the second point. Some believe that these checks are an easy cash handout. That is utterly false. There is nothing easy about receiving cash from one of these customers. An investor has to first invest in one of these companies and after an investment wait for returns. Like with any type of investment, returns depend and rely on the market.

Lastly, there is a misconception that freedom checks are merely scams. That is completely false. These checks are completely real and available to investors in the master limited partnerships companies. What is false is that not all companies who claim to be one of the five hundred or so brands issuing how lump sums are actually one of those companies. People have taken advantage of the market and are pretending to be a MLP to issue out these checks. So, be mindful to only invest in legal master limited partnerships.

Visit: http://releasefact.com/2018/03/can-matt-badialis-freedom-checks/

OSI Food Solutions wins the Globe of Honor Award for the third time

OSI Food Solutions was one of 18 companies around the world to be awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor Award for its management of environmental risks by the British Safety Council. For an organization to qualify for the competition, the minimum requirement was five stars in the environmental management audit scheme organized by the British Safety Council between August 2015 and July 2016 to participate in the competition. The organization must also demonstrate its excellence in environmental management throughout the business to an independent group of specialists. It is also worth noting that OSI has won the Globe of Honor twice, in 2013 and even in 2015.

History of OSI

OSI Group is a leading food provider around the world that boasts of over 60 facilities based in 17 different countries with more than 20,000 workers. It began as a small butcher shop based in Oak Park, Chicago in 1909 owned by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. By the end of the First World of War, the business had expanded into wholesale which included moving to Maywood. In 1928, the business enterprise changed its name to Otto & Sons. For years it continued to grow as a local business until its partnership with McDonald which saw it skyrocket. The ability of the company to adapt to new technologies enabled it to maintain its position as the leading meat supplier for McDonald’s to date. As it transitioned as both a local supplier and a fast-growing Midwest provider, Otto and Sons later came to be known as OSI Industries.

Growth of OSI

In the last ten years, OSI Food Solutions has developed into a leading supplier of protein products ranging from sausages to hamburger patties. The company also launched a beef production plant in 2010 in Japan. After that, two more plants were launched in India in 2012. The venture has also expanded into Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, two culinary innovation centers, one in Shanghai and one in Aurora were established.


OSI Food Solutions bought a storage warehouse and food processing facility in Chicago previously owned by Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods had announced the closing of its facility to improve efficiencies. The property is intended to provide infrastructure for the booming business especially with its proximity to the existing OSI Chicago facility. Since its acquisition, OSI has expanded its manufacturing capabilities. OSI Food Solutions also acquired a Dutch food manufacturer, Baho Foods. Baho Foods owns five branches with processing facilities in Netherlands and Germany. However, unlike Tyson Foods, the management team of Baho Foods remained part of the business and worked under OSI.


OSI Food Solutions has withstood the test of time and succeeded in becoming a trailblazer in the food industry. The business enterprise continues to expand in other continents as it provides quality food products to the market.