Matt Badiali: A Scientist Turned Investor Who Selflessly Shares His Knowledge With Others

Matt Badiali was first drawn to the stock market when he was working towards his Ph.D. He had already earned his Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences from Penn State University, and he had also completed his Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic. He was, well, on his way to completing his Ph.D. when a colleague and friend of his turned him on to investing. His friend knew that Badiali’s knowledge in science would be of great use to him, and he wasn’t wrong.

Matt Badiali went on to make a lot of money by coupling his knowledge of natural resources with his newfound love for investing. He began to take trips to various parts of the world, where he explored abandoned mines and looked into the state of oil wells. He is now a writer with Banyan Hill Publishing, and his newsletter The Real Wealth Strategist is continuing to reach new people every day.

Matt Badiali admitted during a recent interview that he created The Real Wealth Strategist in order to provide people with useful information. He has used knowledge and experience as a scientist to better understand precious metal investing and energy trading. He likes to find trends in these industries and then pass the news on to his readers.

Matt Badiali usually spends the first part of his day writing because he has discovered that is when he does his best work. Throughout the day, he checks in with the prices of Badiali’s investments and other possible stocks he might recommend and also makes sure he is caught up with the news. He likes to follow a routine, of sorts, on a daily basis because he has found that this helps him to stay productive. Badiali revealed in a recent interview that he works hard to create good habits because these will stay with him no matter where he goes.

Matt Badiali believes that there will come a time when electricity is what powers the entire world. He feels that electricity might completely get rid of the need for propane, diesel, or gasoline. Badiali has commented that this won’t happen until a high-capacity battery has been discovered.

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