Global Political Connections Help Randal Nardone Become Successful

The Forbes annual billionaire ranking list records 2,208 billionaires in the world for 2018. This list includes Randal Nardone, who was #557 on Forbes‘ 2007 annual billionaire ranking list. How have global political connections helped Randal Nardone become so successful?

Switzerland & America

Randal Nardone has worked for the Swiss based UBS and American based Black Rock financial firms. Working in two global capital centers – Switzerland and America – has created a great sense of perspective in Randal Nardone. He has a multi-dimensional perspective on how capital flows around the globe.This work history has also allowed for him to develop a solid network of financial contacts. Both UBS and Black Rock have access to capital, which can be used to buy assets during the Fortress IPOs.

“It’s About Who You Know”

Randal Nardone has established the Fortress Investment Group as a force to be reckoned with. He has learned the banking norms from well-established firms and ensured that Fortress has followed them. When the Fortress talks, people listen.Bankers need to ensure that money continues to flow 24/7/365. Corporate assets retain their value based on the supply and demand of global stock markets. The bankers have rewarded Randal Nardone with billions for making the right decisions at the Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone Success Stories

Randal Nardone’s political connections have enabled him to find a number of “diamonds in the rough” for the Fortress Investment Group. The Fortress has purchased railways, resorts and casinos, which all have a political angle to them. How have Randal Nardone’s global political connections paid off?Railroads need a lot of land to lay down their tracks. It can be difficult for a railroad to even get access to so much land, so the governments have created land grant railroads to assist them. This has a created a pseudo public-private veneer for railways. Randal Nardone’s political connections have allowed him to understand public requirements when Fortress purchased railways and resorts. These political connections have also been useful for the Winter Olympics. The Fortress Investment Group helped make the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia, a ringing success.“Who you know” still matters. When the money is flowing, Randal Nardone is able to turn to his political connections to make Fortress Investment Group assets profitable. Global connections have helped billionaire Randal Nardone to become extremely successful.